Who are you?

I am a pastor, preacher, writer, sourdough baker, occasional stand up comedian, husband of one wife, father of one child, author of no books. I was last clean-shaven on 4th June 2007.

And my name is Liam Thatcher.

I have a BA Hons in Philosophy and Drama from the University of Kent at Canterbury and an MA in Biblical Studies from Kings College London. I have recently moved to Oxford with my wife Helen and my daughter, having previous been the Teaching Pastor at Christ Church London for twelve years.

You can follow me on Twitter: @liamthatcher where I often post things I find amusing, whether or not anyone else does, and Instagram: /liam.thatcher where I often post photos of bread. And if you fancy getting in touch, you can email me on liam@liamthatcher.com

What can I expect from this website?

I can’t guarantee a lot of profundity! But you can expect semi-regular posts on a range of things I’m interested in: faith, theology, philosophy, comedy, film, theatre, literature, music, and food. Chances are that unless you happen to have the exact same combination of passions as me, you will find some posts more to your liking than others.

I’ll also upload various talks I’ve given and posts I’ve written for other sites. You’ll see there’s a backlog of old posts that I’ve gathered together from the four corners of the internet – things I’ve written over the years, now finally gathered together in one place. They vary in quality, and some of them I no longer agree with. I’ll leave you to work out which ones. 

Why do you go on about…?

To those who wonder why I don’t just pick one theme and stick with it – bread or theology – my answer is simple: the two go hand in hand. In the words of David Scott’s poem A Long Way from Bread:

I go on about bread
because it was to bread
that Jesus trusted
the meaning he had of himself.
It was an honour for the bread
to be the knot in the Lord’s handkerchief
reminding him about himself. So,
O bread, breakable;
O bread, given;
O bread, a blessing;
count yourself lucky bread.

All images used on this blog are either personally taken, or used from Flickr under Creative Commons. or Unsplash

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  1. stevecle says:

    Thank you Liam for the blog “Do the parables reveal or conceal?”. It really helped me address that question / tension. Often Biblical questions are answered with “all of the above”! God Bless You! ~ Steve, Los Angeles, CA


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