A Farewell to Mars

We all like a free ebook right? Then head over to Amazon, where today only Brian Zahnd’s A Farewell to Mars is available to download for the princely sum of £0.00.

It’s a good, short book, about Zahnd’s journey of seriously considering the implications of Jesus’ radical teaching, particularly with regard to peace and violence. As he writes early on:

Believing in the divinity of Jesus is the heart of Christian orthodoxy. But believing in the viability of Jesus’s ideas makes Christianity truly radical.

It’s not the first book I’d recommend on the subject – and a recommendation of this doesn’t equate to an endorsement of all of Zahnd’s theology! – but it has some great and challenging insights, and a brilliantly clever title! And if you read this and fancy something a bit meatier, I’d suggest Fight by Preston Sprinkle, and various chapters of The Moral Vision of the New Testament by Richard Hays.

Those should get you going for starters…

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  1. Michael Snow says:

    This might be of interest, also http://textsincontext.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/30th-anniversary-chrisian-pacifism/

    [I went the free route once with it but then was required to make it available only through Amazon]


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