Passing Idols: Salt Bae, Moses and foodolatry

By now you have probably heard of Salt Bae and his £1,450 steaks wrapped in gold leaf. If you haven’t, you’ve not spent a lot of time on social media recently. And I suspect your life is better for it.  Nusret Gökçe, otherwise known as Salt Bae, is the chef behind the chain of luxury…

Kid-Friendly Hot Cross Buns with Orange Glaze

To help the kids celebrate Easter, various people from Christ Church London have created crafts and activities. You can download the programme and check them all out here! I was asked to make a video teaching people how to make hot cross buns. So here’s my attempt at making some with my 4 year old…

Sausage and cauliflower bread pudding

I dislike wasting food. I’ve blogged before on the enormous amount of bread that gets binned in the UK – 24 million slices a day. And I’ve also offered a few suggestions for how to cut down on bread wastage in particular. But here’s an unusual recipe we’ve used a couple of times recently, which has…

Something Understood: Bread of Life

Another post on the intersection of bread and spirituality… This week Radio 4’s Something Understood programme looked at the importance of bread in our physical and spiritual lives.

Yeast of Eden

Is there any clearer ‘Echo of Eden’ than the Artisan Food Movement?
A few thoughts on a theology of food.