God among the sheep tails

God among the sheep tails: Bruce Waltke on the humility and holiness of God, revealed at the burning bush.

We own each other’s teeth

My wife has an impressive track record when it comes to misheard song lyrics. A personal favourite is Elton John’s Tiny Dancer which she sings as, “Hold me close and tie me down, Sir!” I dread to think what she reckons that song is about! Last year, an advert for Chanel No5 came on the…

A Church Called Tov

Some reflections on A Church Called Tov, by Scot McKnight and Laura Barringer

Hayil-ighting the Remarkable

A couple of years ago, the stationery company Stabilo launched an advertising campaign called ‘Highlight the Remarkable’. They took photos of male-dominated scenes and ‘highlighted’ women who had been upstaged, and whose successes had not been recognised. For example: Edith Wilson. The First Lady, who assumed her husband’s presidential responsibilities after he was paralysed by…

God. With. Us.

I have a four-year-old daughter, who performed in her first school nativity last week. She played the role of Angel Number 1, which I suspect means ‘1 of many’ but I like to think it means ‘number 1 angel.’ Each kid gets one line to perform, and my daughter has been practicing hers for months….

Tracing the ripples from fallen pastors

It seems that hardly a month goes by without another scandal from a ‘Celebrity Pastor’. Abuse of power, sexual sin, financial irregularities, cover-ups. Each one a crushing blow; another straw heaped on the back of an already-straining camel, namely the public credibility of Christianity. I was talking to a friend the other day, and I…

NASA, Nigella and the power of the table

I’ve recently spoken and written on loneliness and the idea of church as family. In summary, I’ve argued that we have a deep need for human connection, and when we lack it, we experience loneliness like a deep aching hunger. One of the central symbols of the church is a table around which we gather,…

Church for a lonely city

On Sunday I spoke on the subject of church as family, and I argued that the church is God’s means for meeting one of humanity’s greatest needs – strong, deep relational connection. It is to be the place where, as Psalm 68:6 says, ‘God sets the lonely in families.’ This should be great news for our…

Toby Ziegler on Counting the Commandments

…and one other thing that amused me about the use of the Ten Commandments in The West Wing. I’ve watched this episode so many times and can’t believe I never noticed it before! In the Pilot, there’s a scene where Toby, Josh and CJ are meeting with representatives of the religious right, who are angry…

The West Wing and the conundrum of unenforceable laws

I am currently rewatching The West Wing, whilst also reading Bearing God’s Name by Carmen Joy Imes, which, it turns out, is a pretty good pairing! In Take Out the Trash Day (Season 1, Episode 13), Sam Seaborn has heard about a town in Alabama that proposed to abolish all laws except the Ten Commandments….