Romans: A Letter that Makes Sense of Life

The book of Romans is arguably the most important letter ever written. But for many readers – and certainly for many preachers – it can be a daunting book to dive into. So for those keen to explore this letter, Andrew Ollerton’s latest book is a fantastic resource.

Reading Roundup 2021

‘Of making many [lists of] books, there is no end.’ (Ecclesiastes-ish 12:12) It’s the end of the year, so every Christian with a blog is posting a list of the things they read over the past twelve months. I figured I might as well follow suit.  I started plenty of books this year, and finished…

Reading While Black

‘I want to make a case that […] this unapologetically Black and orthodox reading of the Bible can speak a relevant word to Black Christians today. I want to contend that the best instincts of the Black church tradition – its public advocacy for justice, its affirmation of the work of Black bodies and souls,…

A Church Called Tov

Some reflections on A Church Called Tov, by Scot McKnight and Laura Barringer

The Epic of Eden: Ordering your Dysfunctional Old Testament Closet.

Everyone has a dysfunctional closet somewhere in their lives. A closet where Jabba the Hut could be living, and no one would know it. The closet is crammed full of clothes slipping from their hangers, accessories dangling from the shelves, shoes piled in disarray on the floor. It is impossible to tell where one item…