Light in the Darkness

On Sunday I had the privilege of speaking at a Carol Service at our new church, Oxford Community Church. I spoke on the subject of light in the darkness. It was a great fun morning, singing carols and celebrating hope! If you fancy checking it out you can do so here. The talk starts around…

Luke, Lots and the Lap of the God

November has arrived, and people are getting in the Christmas mood, just as the first batch of mince pies that hit the shelves back in July is tipping over its best before date. I’m still trying to hold off a little longer… but my resistance is being tested. Not by the lights, sounds and adverts,…

God. With. Us.

I have a four-year-old daughter, who performed in her first school nativity last week. She played the role of Angel Number 1, which I suspect means ‘1 of many’ but I like to think it means ‘number 1 angel.’ Each kid gets one line to perform, and my daughter has been practicing hers for months….


It was such a privilege to work on this short film, and I’m excited to share it with you! If you need a bit of festive hope and joy at the end of a challenging year, we hope you enjoy Emmanuel, a short film from Christ Church London. With a mixture of carols, readings, and…

One Small Step for God (Luke 2)

Many of us are familiar with the general themes of the Christmas story, but a little hazy on the details. But the meaning is found in the details. In this talk from our Bethnal Green Carol Service, Liam reflects on Luke 2 and how the birth of Jesus changes everything. Listen or download (Right click…

Light Breaks In

It’s no coincidence that lights play a huge part in how we celebrate Christmas; the whole story is about light breaking into darkness. (mp3)

Babies and Bubble Wrap

If you’ve never sung Christmas carols whilst holding a baby, I highly recommend the experience. Beg, borrow or steal one. (Please don’t steal one!)