Sweat: A Biblical Theology in Three Acts

Sweat. It’s the body’s natural cooling mechanism, regulating our temperature when it rises due to heat, exercise, fear or stress. Perspiring can be an unpleasant but very necessary bodily function which all of us experience. * For something so common, it is perhaps surprising to note that sweating is only mentioned three times in the…

Day Six

God made the heavens and earth, and over a series of ‘days’ He created everything there is – waters, land, sun and moon, plants, and animals. At every point He declared that what He had made was ‘good’. But then came the sixth day, when He made something entirely different. Humankind – male and female…

Living by Faith: Enoch

In the first talk of our series on Living by Faith, Liam Thatcher looks at the strange story of Enoch, and considers what it means for us to ‘walk with God’ on a day to day basis. Listen or download audio

The Way (John 14)

The first talk in a series on Christian spirituality, based on Jesus’ claim to be the way, the truth and the life. (mp3)