Forget not the Benefactor: Some personal reflections on tithing.

Yesterday I posted a reflection on tithing, prompted by this article from the BBC, ‘would you give 10% of your salary to charity?’ As it happens, I had already been thinking about tithing this week, before I came across the article, so I wanted to share a few personal thoughts.  I’d been thinking about tithing…

Tithing: Enjoying the Benefits and meeting the Benefactor

I used to work for the insolvency service, processing bankruptcy and liquidation cases. I remember one day being called into my boss’ office because he had been going through a client’s outgoings and didn’t understand one of the items: “He’s listed a monthly ‘tithe’. What is that? I think it’s a religious word, but I’m…

The Joy of Generosity (1 Timothy 6)

God designed us to experience joy in generosity, so that when we give away what we have, we get a foretaste of the eternal life and joy He has planned for us. In this talk Liam reflects on 1 Timothy and looks at how giving allows us to experience “the life that is truly life”….

Proverbs: Love Wisdom, Not Wealth

Proverbs has a lot to say about money, both its blessing and its dangers. In this talk, Liam considers three principles for how we should pursue wisdom, discipline and faith in relation to our finances. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)