Living Sacrifice: Four talks on Romans 12

Last week Helen and I had the privilege of speaking at a weekend away for Wheatley Community Church. It was such a fun weekend getting to know them better, and serving them. We were certainly grateful for the way they welcomed and embraced us as a family, and I also loved the opportunity for me…

Joseph and Restoration (Genesis 42-45)

On Sunday I had the privilege of preaching at Oxford Community Church, continuing a series on the life of Joseph. We looked at Genesis 42-45, this long stretch in which Joseph is reunited with his brothers after 22 years. But rather than revealing his identity to them immediately, he puts his brothers through a series…

Healing in his Wings (Luke 8:40-56)

This weekend I preached at Christ Church Manchester, and in the morning I spoke on one of (or rather, two of!) my favourite stories in Luke’s gospel: the healings of Jairus’ daughter and a lady who had suffered from bleeding for twelve years. It’s a remarkable passage, which demonstrates the heart of God, the power…

Living Sacrifice: Leave Room for God (Romans 12:17-21)

When we are wronged, we can easily feel tempted to retaliate, defend ourselves and seek revenge. But Paul says there is a better way. In the penultimate talk of our series, I consider how and why we should resist vengeance, and what it means to trust in the justice of God. For more on this…

Living Sacrifice

If you run a google image search for the word ‘worship’ you will have to scroll a good few pages to find anything other than photos of raised hands, guitars, and crowds singing in moodily-lit auditoriums. This seems strange to me. And it would have seemed very strange to the writers of the New Testament.  God’s people…

Philippians 2

To a city obsessed with status and power, Philippians 2 is a beautiful, counter-cultural hymn, that challenges us to live with humility like that of Jesus himself. In this talk, Liam considers how humility is an attitude that leads to action. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)

The Wide and Narrow Gates

Jesus warns that the gate to life is small and easy to miss. In this talk, Liam Thatcher considers what Jesus’ teaching about the wide and narrow gates can teach us about enjoying the flourishing life. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)  

One Small Step for God (Luke 2)

Many of us are familiar with the general themes of the Christmas story, but a little hazy on the details. But the meaning is found in the details. In this talk from our Bethnal Green Carol Service, Liam reflects on Luke 2 and how the birth of Jesus changes everything. Listen or download (Right click…

Jonah: God’s Message (Jonah 3)

As Jonah emerges from the belly of the fish, God re-commissions him and sends him again to Nineveh. In this talk, Liam looks at God’s message to the city, and the message God gives us today. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)  

Visions of God: The Lion and the Lamb (Revelation 5)

In Revelation 5, John turns to see who is sitting on the throne. But where he expects to see a lion, instead he sees a slaughtered lamb. In this talk, Liam considers what it means to know Jesus as the lion and the lamb. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)