The language of creation in Genesis and Job

I’ve recently been listening to the book of Job on my commute to work, which may explain why my colleagues have often found me a little morose first thing in the morning! Towards the end of the book, God speaks out of the heavens, to address the suffering of his servant Job and the questions…

Carson’s Three Sonnets on John 14

Flicking through some old notes, I stumbled across a few quotes from D.A. Carson’s The Gospel According to John, which incidentally is one of the best commentaries I’ve ever read. I particularly appreciated these three sonnets based on Jesus’ claim in John 14 to be the Way, the Truth and the Life. I I AM the…

Something Understood: Bread of Life

Another post on the intersection of bread and spirituality… This week Radio 4’s Something Understood programme looked at the importance of bread in our physical and spiritual lives.

God’s Grandeur

"The world is charged with the grandeur of God / It will flame out, like shining from shook foil"