Visions of God: The Lion and the Lamb (Revelation 5)

In Revelation 5, John turns to see who is sitting on the throne. But where he expects to see a lion, instead he sees a slaughtered lamb. In this talk, Liam considers what it means to know Jesus as the lion and the lamb. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)  

Visions of God: The Light and the Lampstands (Revelation 1)

The book of Revelation begins with a picture of Jesus walking among seven lamp stands. In this talk, Liam looks at how Jesus loves to speak to his church, so that he can speak through his church. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)  

The End is Nigh!

Apparently I believe that the world is going to end at some point in the next year. Or so I’ve been told…

Angel Songs

Why are there so many songs in the book of Revelation?