The call to (de)influence: an article and an interview.

The other week I wrote a piece for Connecting with Culture, the weekly email from London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC). In it, I reflected on the rise of ‘deinfluencers’, and the dual role of Christians to deinfluence and influence, through a combination of prophetic critique and joyful celebration. If you fancy a read, you can…

BeReal: Connecting with Culture

If you’re curious what a ‘geriatric millennial’ makes of a social media app much loved by Gen-Z, then you’re in luck! This week I had the privilege of writing the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity’s Connecting with Culture, and I chose to offer a few thoughts on BeReal. The concept is simple. Users receive a…

Covenant-making and context collapse

A few weeks ago I made a joke that took on a life of its own. Sorry if it’s taken you all that time to erase it from your memory, only for me to remind you again. I tweeted a picture from the Bible of Jean de Sy, which depicts Abraham’s circumcision in Genesis 17:…

Modern Romance (Genesis 29)

In this talk, Liam looks at the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah and considers how (not) to find healthy relationships. (mp3)

Pascal on Instagram

A 17th century French Philosopher offers some challenging words for those of us who document our every lunch, landscape or latte-art on social media.

Death by a Thousand Photos

Some reflections on photography, technology and the morbid irony in our craving to make things ‘unmissable.’