Baptism in the Spirit (sermon)

On Sunday I had the privilege of speaking at Carterton Community Church, continuing their series on life in the Spirit. After a fantastic time of worship (it was one of those precious times when I didn’t want it to end TBH, and was reluctant to start preaching!) we looked at what it means to be…

A Personal Update

After twelve years at Christ Church London, God is calling our family onto something new. Later this week, we will be leaving London and relocating to Oxford. We announced the news to our church on Sunday. You can watch a short interview at the bottom of this post, which we recorded for our online services,…

The Heart of Worship (Psalm 84)

In this talk from our Empowered service, Liam shares from Psalm 84, and looks at how setting our hearts on worshipping God means we can be refreshed by His presence in every season of life. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)  

Visions of God: The Light and the Lampstands (Revelation 1)

The book of Revelation begins with a picture of Jesus walking among seven lamp stands. In this talk, Liam looks at how Jesus loves to speak to his church, so that he can speak through his church. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)  

The Power of the Spirit (Acts 1:1-11; 2:1-4)

A small band of disciples gathered in Jerusalem, waiting as Jesus had told them to, for the promised Holy Spirit. And when Pentecost came, everything changed. In the first talk of our new series, Liam looks at what it means to be empowered by the Spirit. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)…

On Translation and Trojan Horses

Previously I argued that jargon words operate like suitcases. But the nature of a carrying device is that it can be used for transporting bad things as well as good (hence regular looking suitcases get destroyed in train stations all the time, for fear that they may contain bombs!)