For him, it is the beginning. For her, it is the end.

FATUM is a short film collaboration between Boxhead and Wave Media Productions; an eerie, awkward piece about two people navigating a date (Their first? Their last?) whilst both operating on quite different wavelengths.

It was a real privilege to help out with the script, and since it’s the first time I’ve written for film it taught me a lot – particularly about the differences between writing for film and for theatre. But (if I may say so myself!) I think the finished result is a beautifully shot piece, with a fantastic soundtrack that really highlights some delicately creepy acting!

Check out the film below, and visit Creative Arts Network to find out a little more about the project and the concept. And to watch a different version of the video with an alternative soundtrack, visit the W-M-P website.


FATUM from Box-head* on Vimeo.

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