Brian Houston’s 30 Rules For Preaching

I don’t know what you think of Hillsong preaching. They take a lot of flack for it. To be honest, I’ve not heard enough to give an informed opinion. But I do think it’s important to learn from people whose approach and style is different from yours. And as a preacher, I want to grow, and I’m always keen for wisdom and insight.

So when I spotted yesterday that Brian Houston posted a list of 30 rules that they set for their preaching and teaching team, I was intrigued. And many of them are really brilliant. Whatever you think of Hillsong’s preaching, theology or style, it’s a fair bet that after 30 years of leading a worldwide movement, Houston will have a lot to share.

He introduces his rules, saying:

It wasn’t long ago that I presented these key points on Hillsong’s Culture for Preaching and Teaching to our Staff, even though many of them don’t speak on our platform on a weekend or even during the week. Yet, all of us do have opportunity in one form or another to speak into the lives of others and it’s always wise to examine the way we communicate, what we communicate and the impact it has on our audience. I’ve learned some valuable lessons over 30 years of preaching and teaching in public – many through my own error.

Culture, atmosphere and DNA in a church is not accidental. Just like culture, atmosphere and DNA of your home is not. You have to be deliberate about it – especially from the ‘platform’. Leadership in this area is about making intentional and focused choices, and taking a degree of measured risk.

So wherever you have the chance to input into others – take a look at these guidelines to building a strong platform teaching culture in your church or homegroup – many of them can also be applied to your family life or worklife. There are 30 points – one for each year of experience!’

Whether or not you’re a fan of Houston and the Hillsong approach to preaching, I think you’ll find most of these rules insightful and challenging! I know there were one or two that were like a much needed slap in the face for me…

Check them out. And let me know what you think…

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