Theology Matters: An Introduction to Hebrews


The book of Hebrews is a brilliant letter, which shows how Jesus is the fulfilment of everything the Old Testament pointed to. It’s full of rich themes and amazing insights, but it is also notoriously complex! So where do you start with understanding a book like this?

In these four seminars from ChristChurch London’s Theology Matters, Liam gives an introduction to the book of Hebrews, helping us to understand many of the major themes and challenging sections:

Session 1: Jesus is Better (1:1-4:13)

The author of Hebrews begins by establishing Jesus’ credentials. In the first four chapters he seeks to show how Jesus is God’s ultimate communication – better than the prophets, the angels, Moses and Joshua – before addressing the theme of ‘rest’ and considering how we might come to enjoy it.

Download the audio and the handouts.

Session 2: Warnings and Encouragements (3:6b, 14; 6:4-20)

The book of Hebrews contains a number of warnings, using strong and challenging language. But it also contains many equally strong encouragements about the faithfulness of God. This session considers who the warning passages are directed to, and how we should understand them.

Download the audio and the handouts.

Hebrews describes Jesus as our Great High Priest. But is he qualified for the job? In this session we look at how Hebrews contrasts Jesus with Aaron, and we explore what it means for him to be a priest in the order of Melchizedek.

Download the audio and the handouts.

Jesus has inaugurated a new covenant. But what does that mean for the old one? What was wrong with it, and how is the new covenant different? In this final session we look at how Jesus’ death achieves what the Old Testament sacrifices never could and we consider how Jesus gives us confidence to persevere in our faith.

Download the audio and the handouts.

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