The Spirit Filled Life: Not by Power or Might

The prophet Zechariah saw a strange vision of olive trees and lampstands, and heard a promise of a new temple. In this talk, Liam unpacks Zechariah’s vision and looks at what it means to build, not by might or power, but by God’s Spirit.

Audio:  Listen or download.

Here is a small-group practice to help you reflect on and pray through the themes of this talk


The book of Zechariah is full of strange visions given to encourage God’s people as they rebuild the Temple, and also to point to Jesus, the great King and High Priest who is to come. 

This week, Liam spoke from Zechariah 4, and encouraged us to be people who pray for our city, and ask God to pour out His Holy Spirit and bring revival in our day. 
This is a prayer guide, drawing on some of the themes Liam talked about, and imagery found in Zechariah’s vision. It can be used as individuals, or in small groups. The prayer points break into three sections, so you may want to put people into breakout rooms, and perhaps mix up the rooms for each section. Make sure that everyone has a copy of the plan, so they know what to pray for. If you spend three minutes on each prayer point, the time will go quickly!

Worship Jesus (9 mins)

  • Jesus is the King and High Priest (3 mins)

Begin by thanking Jesus for who he is. Thank him for his Kingdom, and his perfect rule. Thank him that he is a priest who cares for us, and reconciles us to God. 

  • Jesus is the Temple and the Rejected Stone (3 mins)

Jesus is the one greater than the Temple; the rejected stone who became the capstone. Thank him that he fulfils what the Temple pointed towards. He is the place where we can meet God and find forgiveness of sins through his sacrifice. Thank him for that through his rejection at the cross, and his resurrection, we can be saved. 

  • Jesus gives the Spirit without Limit (3 mins)

Zechariah’s vision includes a lamp stand that is kept alight by a constant source of oil, drawn from two olive trees. Thank Jesus that he gives us an unending supply of the Holy Spirit. Thank him for the miracle that God now lives inside of us. Ask him to fill you afresh with His Spirit right now. 

Express, Confess and Request (9 mins)

  • Express the areas where you feel disappointed (3 mins)

God’s people had faced decades of disappointment, and seemingly unanswered promises from God. Express to Jesus areas where you feel disappointed. Ask him to give you hope, and help you to continue trusting in him.

  • Confess where you have relied on ‘power or might’ (3 mins)

God warns his people not to build by power or might, but by the Spirit. Confess any areas where you know you have been working in your own strength, or relying on strategies of power or might, rather than trusting in God.

  • Request help and patience (3 mins)

God tells us not to despise the day of small beginnings. Ask Him for patience to persevere, even in the face of disappointment, trusting that what seems right now like a small beginning will grow in God’s timing.

Pray for Revival (9 mins)

  • Pray for the Church (3 mins)

Pray that the church would be like the Temple: a symbol of God’s faithfulness; a city on a hill, visible to the world around; a place where people can meet God and receive forgiveness. Pray for Alpha and STEPS. Pray that when we are able to meet again, people who have been longing for hope and community would find that in us. 

  • Pray for the Workers (3 mins)

Zerubbabel didn’t simply pray for the Spirit to work, he also worked to lay bricks himself. Pray that God would empower us to work for the cultural, social and spiritual renewal of our city, and do couple our efforts with the Spirit’s power. Pray for our social action projects, and all the ways we can be a blessing to London. 

  • Pray for the Spirit (3 mins)

Ask God to pour out His Spirit on our city, and bring revival in our day. Ask Him to give us faith for miracles, and to stretch out his hand to heal the sick, and draw countless people into the Kingdom. 

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