Praises go up; blessings come down. Musings on Psalm 133.

I’ve been trying to grow in my appreciation for the Psalms recently, taking my time to savour them with the five Cs of coffee, crayolas, concordance, curiosity and commentaries. From time to time I may post a few of my thoughts. Here are some musings and scribblings on Psalm 133. Psalm 133 is labelled as…

Five Cs to unlock the Psalms

I’ve often found the Psalms hard work. They can feel quite abstract, repetitive, and given their cultural context kinda hard to relate to. I know that is not everyone’s experience. For many, they are a favourite part of Scripture; a fuel for worship, and an aid to express emotions in prayer. And of course, they…

BIOY: Milestones or Millstones?

Today I reached the halfway point of my Bible in one year plan. I started it in January 2018. At this rate, I should finish it in seven years. And then I’m due a sabbatical from the Bible, right? I have tried and failed to complete a BIOY plan many times. This is the first…

Holy Week Reflections

I haven’t been entirely idle… here’s some info about a few bits I’ve been writing, including a series of reflections for Holy Week.

Easter Reflections

Next week I will be blogging a series of reflections on the story of Easter. Find out more about what to expect.