Holy Week Reflections

I’ve been a bit slack of late… I’ve broken my run of updating this blog at least once a week, and many of my updates have been a little on the lazy side – mp3s from talks rather than fresh material I’ve written.

But I haven’t been entirely idle! I’ve been scribbling away on a few bits and pieces: trying to write some new standup for a gig next week, revisiting some short stories I wrote a while back, and also writing a series of reflections for Holy Week.

For the past few years I’ve written a series daily reflections for ChristChurch London which get sent out on the week leading up to Easter. These are designed to help people think about the story of Holy Week and the lasting significance of Easter.

This year’s series kicks off on Monday 21 March and will all be based in Isaiah 52-53. Check out this article for a bit more information. And if you’d like to receive them you can either sign up for the email or follow ChristChurch London on one of their social media channels: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

I’ll probably post a couple of old ones here during Holy Week too, just to give the illusion of prolificacy!

Image: Canterbury, Holy Week, April 2010, used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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