Joseph and Restoration (Genesis 42-45)

On Sunday I had the privilege of preaching at Oxford Community Church, continuing a series on the life of Joseph. We looked at Genesis 42-45, this long stretch in which Joseph is reunited with his brothers after 22 years. But rather than revealing his identity to them immediately, he puts his brothers through a series…

Two types of prodigal. Two types of Father.

Writing about David, Absalom, Judas and Jesus reminded me of this thread I posted a couple of years ago on the return of two prodigal sons. When reading through 2 Samuel, I was struck by how vastly different Absalom’s return to David is in 2 Samuel 14ff, compared to the return of the younger brother…

The Spirit Filled Life: Empowered for Mission

The resurrected Jesus stood before his disciples and breathed upon them, giving them the Holy Spirit. In this talk, Liam considers the significance of this strange act, and looks at how Jesus sends us out with his message of forgiveness. Audio:  Listen or download Here is a small-group practice to help you reflect on and…

Jonah: God’s Message (Jonah 3)

As Jonah emerges from the belly of the fish, God re-commissions him and sends him again to Nineveh. In this talk, Liam looks at God’s message to the city, and the message God gives us today. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)  

Peter (John 13:1-17)

Why did Jesus wash the feet of his disciples? And why do many Christians continue this practice to this day? (mp3)