The language of creation in Genesis and Job

I’ve recently been listening to the book of Job on my commute to work, which may explain why my colleagues have often found me a little morose first thing in the morning! Towards the end of the book, God speaks out of the heavens, to address the suffering of his servant Job and the questions…

World Environment Day: Watch, Listen, Read, Pray, Act

Today is World Environment Day, a day for encouraging awareness and action to protect our planet. Probably the best thing each of us can do today is get outside and enjoy the world around us! It’s a glorious day (at least from where I am typing) and I tend to find that I am more…

Day Six

God made the heavens and earth, and over a series of ‘days’ He created everything there is – waters, land, sun and moon, plants, and animals. At every point He declared that what He had made was ‘good’. But then came the sixth day, when He made something entirely different. Humankind – male and female…

The Spirit Filled Life: Order from Chaos

The Bible begins with the Spirit of God hovering over the chaotic waters and bringing forth order and life. In the first talk of our new series, Liam considers how the Holy Spirit empowers us to continue his work today. Listen or download To read more about the story of Pastor Mick Fleming from Burnley,…

Prince of Peace: Peace with Creation

The Bible teaches that we were designed to be in harmony with this world. In this talk, Liam Thatcher considers our responsibility towards Creation, and how we can care for it better. Listen or download (Right click the link to save)  

Modern Romance (Genesis 29)

In this talk, Liam looks at the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah and considers how (not) to find healthy relationships. (mp3)

The Divine Whisperer (Hebrews 1:1-3)

How should we think about God speaking in this secular age? In this talk, Liam lays the foundation for this new series, by considering three insights about the Word of God from Hebrews chapter 1. (mp3)