The ‘he’ is Always Lowercase

I don’t have anything especially profound to say today, except to scatter at your feet a few little crumbs I’ve spotted being retweeted all across the web over the past week or so. They fall from the tables of three very different brands of atheist. Join the dots and draw your own conclusions… but I think they add up to an interesting picture of faith, faithlessness and a yearning for beauty:

First, a tweet from @RichardDawkins: “Odd that one can be moved close to tears by a great cathedral such as Salisbury, while completely lacking belief in what it stands for.” Odd indeed. But unsurprising. Beauty is a powerful thing.

Second, The Guardian reports on the first wave of expansion for the Atheist Church. Founder Sanderson Jones writes,

“There is obviously a latent need for this kind of thing. People have always congregated around things that they believe in. I think people are going to look back at the fact that it didn’t happen as the oddity, not this part.”

Congregant Stuart Balkham explains that

‘Part of the appeal was the style of non-worship: “It’s unashamedly copying a familiar Church of England format, so it’s part of the collective consciousness.”’

And Theos’ Nick Spencer comments,

“This contemporary idea of people who are not religious but wanting to maintain some kind of church-like existence has got form. We’ve been here before.”


And third, @openculture tweeted the classic Atheist Song from Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.

Ponder and enjoy.

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