Millican’s Law for Preachers

This week we concluded a five-week preaching course at Christ Church London, by reflecting on the emotional and spiritual life of the preacher. Over the years, I’ve learnt so many things about the practicalities of preaching, crafting sermons, the art of delivery… I have plenty more still to learn. But the most precious lessons I’ve…

Reading the Bible like a Bluth

Arrested Development was one of my favourite comedy shows (until it entirely lost the plot in seasons 4 and 5!) It follows the wealthy, but incredibly dysfunctional Bluth family, and is full of absurd situations, and some wonderful catchphrases and running jokes. One of the rare moments from season 5 that still makes me chuckle…

Thatchmaster 2016

This Christmas we attempted to recreate Taskmaster with my family. Some craziness ensued. Here is the result!

Holy Week Reflections

I haven’t been entirely idle… here’s some info about a few bits I’ve been writing, including a series of reflections for Holy Week.