God’s Story, Our Story

On Saturday I got to speak (online) at Worcester School of Theology, kicking off the second year of their programme. It was great fun to be with them, although I still have a lot to learn about adapting my teaching for online!

We talked about the Bible:

  • What kind of document is it?
  • How should we read it?
  • What is its overarching story, and how is it all structured to point us to Christ?
  • How do we engage in the tasks of exegesis and hermeneutics?
  • What do we mean by ‘the authority of Scripture’?
  • And how does this text help us to ‘improvise’ a faithful Christian life?

If you fancy watching, the whole thing was recorded via Zoom and has been uploaded to the Hope Church Worcester YouTube channel. And you can download my handouts here.

Photo by Alex Grodkiewicz on Unsplash

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