Kiss the Son: David, Absalom, Judas and Jesus

I am currently taking a slow journey through the Psalms; roughly a Psalm a week, which I’m pondering across a few days, alongside my other readings. I’m really enjoying the slow pace, and the repeated reading, and I’m being hugely helped by James Hamilton’s brilliant commentary, which has made me appreciate how carefully arranged the…

Sweat: A Biblical Theology in Three Acts

Sweat. It’s the body’s natural cooling mechanism, regulating our temperature when it rises due to heat, exercise, fear or stress. Perspiring can be an unpleasant but very necessary bodily function which all of us experience. * For something so common, it is perhaps surprising to note that sweating is only mentioned three times in the…

Solomon, Rehoboam and Jeroboam: Hero or Pharaoh?

I’m currently reading my way through 1 and 2 Chronicles, having just completed 1 and 2 Kings. I’ll level with you; it’s not my favourite stretch to read! And whenever I come across a line saying “more details about this king can be found in the Book of x” I thank God that book didn’t…

God’s Story, Our Story

On Saturday I got to speak (online) at Worcester School of Theology, kicking off the second year of their programme. It was great fun to be with them, although I still have a lot to learn about adapting my teaching for online! We talked about the Bible: What kind of document is it? How should…

The Kingdom of God

How does Jesus’ life, death and resurrection continue the grand theme of Scripture? And how should we understand the central theme of his ministry: The Kingdom of God? The Kingdom of God School of Theology – Kingdom and Synoptics

The Synoptic Gospels

What are the Synoptic Gospels? And how do Matthew, Mark and Luke choose to portray the story of Jesus, in order to emphasise the significance of his life, death and resurrection? The Synoptic Gospels School of Theology – Kingdom and Synoptics

Bible Overview pt.2: Our Story

How should God’s story shape our story? In this second session, we consider what we mean by ‘the authority of Scripture’ and look at some of the tools required to apply God’s word to our lives. Our Story (The task of hermeneutics) School of Theology – Scripture Handouts

Bible Overview pt.1: God’s Story

The Bible is a collection of books that tell many stories, and yet one story. In this first session, we consider the overarching narrative of the Bible, and the task of exegesis. God’s Story (Overview of the Bible) School of Theology – Scripture Handouts