Exodus and the Character of God

Here’s the recording, handout and recommended resources from my talks on Exodus and the Character of God from Christ Church Manchester’s School of Theology.

In the first half, I gave an overview of the book of Exodus, particularly covering chapters 1-15. I summarised the book as follows:

In the book of Exodus, God reveals Himself as YHWH, the one who rescues his son from slavery and sea, to be a blessing to the nations.

We teased out the key themes of sonship, slavery/service and sea, and then saw how they came together in the Passover and the crossing of the Red Sea.

In the second half we looked at the character of God as revealed through this book, covering chapter 16-40 and particularly focussing in on Sinai, the making and breaking of the covenant, and God’s self-revelation in 34:6-7.

It was a ludicrous amount to cover in such a short time, and it barely scratched the surface, but I hope it was an enjoyable scratch nonetheless! For me the most precious moment was pausing halfway through to pray and worship through tears at the wonder of the gospel.

Here are the handouts for the day:

And here are some resources I recommend on Exodus:

Bearing God’s Name
Carmen Joy Imes

This is a fantastic, accessible book on the Sinai encounter, the ten commandments, the relevance of the law today, and what it means to ‘bear God’s name’.

Exodus Old and New
L. Michael Morales

A brilliant, insightful book on how the theme of redemption runs right through Scripture. I learnt so much from this!

Who is God?
Richard Bauckham

A short but brilliant book, looking at four key moments in which God reveals His character through Scripture.

Echoes of Exodus
Andrew Wilson and Alastair Roberts

A fantastic book on the themes of exodus and redemption, and how they weave throughout the biblical story

The God who Makes Himself Known
W. Ross Blackburn

A great study of the missionary heart of God and how He reveals Himself to His chosen nation as the means to become known throughout all nations. 

Exodus (NIV Application Commentary)
Peter Enns

A good all-rounder! Detailed enough to answer many questions, but not overwhelmingly technical.

The Character of God
Bible Project

A brilliant short video series on the character of God, particularly focussing on Exodus 34:6-7. And if you want to go deeper, there’s a 14-part podcast series digging into it in more depth.

The Epic of Eden
Sandra L. Richter

Not specifically on Exodus, but this is a brilliant introduction to the Old Testament, and well worth a read to help you see how Exodus fits within the broader story.

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