God: The Just and Gracious Judge

On Sunday I continued our series at Oxford Community Church on the character of God, and I spoke on the theme of God as the Just and Gracious Judge.

In particular we considered:

  • How God’s perfect character makes him uniquely able to set moral law for humanity
  • How God intends to bring about justice
  • What “the Day of the Lord” is all about, and why it is good news for a broken world
  • The significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection for our ‘Justification’
  • What believers can expect from the Day of Judgment, and how we should live in the light of it

We covered a lot of ground! I trust some of it will be helpful to you.

If you’re interested, you can check out the audio or the video (the talk starts at about 1 hour 12 mins in the livestream).

You may also find this talk on the wrath of God in Romans 12 helpful – it covers some similar ground, but also fleshes out a bit more the particular idea of God’s ‘wrath.’

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Photo by Nijwam Swargiary on Unsplash

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